Vlove design philosophy

Chief Designer-Melinda

To my mind, the jewellery industry had forgotten why people buy jewellery. People should be motivated by jewellery, be inspired, fall in love with an object that speaks to them and evokes feelings of desire and pleasure.

It seemed as an industry it had become more about cost of an item of jewellery, not what it actually was. For all those reasons I was determined to create a range of jewellery that was faithful to what jewellery should be; items that inspire the soul, not simply have a price tag.

For that reason “VLOVE” was born.

I wanted a range of jewellery that went back to basics, that spoke to people about design, quality of materials and craftsmanship, jewellery that creates a desire to possess based on passion, not dollars.

I stepped back from the common mindset of how to make jewellery and put all convention aside.

I went back to basics.

I embraces simplicity as the form
of ultimate sophistication and pure elegance.

It is a notion that is reflected through contemporary pieces that can be worn for every occasion: dressed up for extravagant events, or dressed down for effortlessly chic appeal.



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