2021 is just around the corner, that's why from Priority we reveal to you from start to finish, what will be the favorite jewelry trends that will be worn in this new year.

  This year has been a very complicated year for everyone, not being able to attend the vast majority of events has meant that we have not been able to wear all those jewels that we had prepared for our party looks.

  If you like personalized jewelry this new year you are in luck. The big trend of 2021 will be personalized gold jewelry. At Priority we love all the pieces that have a personal touch and a real meaning for the person who wears it, so personalized jewelry will become very relevant in the coming months.

  If there is something that we have learned during 2020, it is to appreciate every moment with our loved ones, so it will be something that during the next year we will value even more, where we will show each other more love and appreciation.

1. Custom pendant with name

From name pendants to personalized initial chokers, these pieces of personal value will be on the rise this year. But what will be the metallic hue that will dominate jewelry trends?

Without a doubt, gold! This noble metal never goes out of style and will look great with every look. That is why our star choker, the personalized name pendant is one of our bestsellers and a safe bet to succeed with your outfits in the next season.

2 - Vintage or classic jewelry

We know that fashions come and go, but our style will always be there to reflect our personality. That is why it is very important to create a unique style by choosing classic, good quality garments that you can later combine with your classic jewelry.

Vintage jewelry has always served as inspiration to create modern pieces as there are classic and timeless jewelry that will always find its place in every woman's jewelry box.